Tool Chest Buying Guide

If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a new tool chest, you should at least make sure that you are getting the best one to meet your needs. There are many different tool chests that you can buy and by no means are they all the same. They come in different sizes, are made with different materials, and have different features. In this article I will look at the most important things that you need to consider when you are looking to purchase a tool chest.


Metal and hardened plastic are perhaps the two types of material most commonly used in making tool chests. Some metal chests will have a wooden top. Metals like aluminum and steel are often used because they are both durable and strong. Aluminum tool chests tend to be lightweight, so this material is used to make many of the more portable tool chests. Although aluminum boxes are a bit more expensive than those made of plastic, they are more durable and will generally last longer.

When you need a tool chest that is extra strong, one that is made from steel is your best option. These do cost more than aluminum and plastic chests but they are also more durable, stronger, and easier to maintain. For these reasons steel is the material of choice for tool chests that are used in industrial environments and by professionals. For more casual home use, plastic is the preferred option as it is lightweight, cheap, and fairly durable.


How many tools do you have to store in your tool chest? The answer to this question will play a large part in helping you decide which tool chest you should get. If you only have a few small tools that you use for home repairs and DIY projects, then you will only need an average-sized tool chest; multiple drawers of various sizes are also good for storing and keeping small pieces. If you have many large tools and often work with bulky items like paint cans and large power tools, then you will need to get a larger tool chest, maybe one that has a large cabinet so that you will have enough space to store all your items.


People such as carpenters or plumbers find it necessary to move around a lot with their tools. If you will need to travel or move your tools around regularly, then you should get a portable tool chest. Ones that are lightweight, such as those made of plastic, are good for carrying around because they are not heavy. Of course, if your tool chest has wheels (the bigger the better) then it will be easier to transport as well. A good handle is also a nice feature to have if you want to be able to take your tool chest from one place to another without much hassle.


If you have many expensive tools or are concerned about the security of your tools and tool chest for any reason, you should consider getting one with strong security features. One example would be the Heavy-duty, Drawer 16 Tool Chest from Milwaukee; this one has an internal locking system as well as separate locking codes for the top chest and the special drawer for your personal valuables. At the very least you should get a tool chest with a lock and key if you want to keep unwanted hands out of your tool chest.

Keep these things in mind when you are shopping for your new tool chest and you have a much better chance of choosing one that will be able to serve you for a long time. It’s always a good idea when you going to purchase a significant item, like a tool chest, to go in armed with as much information as possible so that you don’t end up getting the wrong thing.