Tool Chest Accessories

A tool chest is much more than just a box you put your tools in. It is an organizational system that helps you to find what you need when you need it; keeping things looking orderly and enhancing the safety of your work environment. The various accessories available for your tool chest can help to improve its functionality and make it more useful and effective at keeping your tools organized. Let’s look at some of these accessories and see how you might be able to benefit from using them.

Drawer Organizers

These are small tool box accessories that you can use to divide and section off the space in the drawers of your tool chest. They are most useful when you have very small pieces like screws, bits, and nuts and want to keep them from getting lost or rolling around aimlessly in your tool box. Using a drawer organizer will also help your tool box drawer look neat and tidy at all times.

Drawer Liners

Drawer liners for tool chests are usually made with soft, non-slip materials like rubber or cork. This enables them to stop your tools and supplies from rolling around inside your tool chest so that they stay in the position that you place them in. Draw liners are also helpful to protect both your tools and the surface of the drawer from getting rusty, scratched, or marked.

Wrench and Socket Organizers

It can be very convenient to have wrench and socket organizers in your tool chest. They help you to stay organized and your tool chest will look much better, too. A wrench organizer will sort your wrenches by sizes, making it easier for you to find the perfect one every time. A socket organizer will normally have the sizes marked so that you can quickly see which one you are looking for.

Mounted Side Table

You can use one of these side-mounting tables in your tool chest to hold items that you are currently using. They are a popular tool chest accessory and can be normally mounted to the side of the tool box and folded out when you need to use them. There are also mountable tool organizers available that you can use to hang some tools in open holes.

These are some of the most commonly used accessories for tool chests; they can greatly enhance the functionality of your chest and give you more value for money. Keeping things organized will also be a lot easier, and when all your tools are in their proper place there is less chance that they will wind up on the floor or some other place where they could potentially cause an accident.