Wood vs Metal Top Tool Chests

A tool chest is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who is serious about doing any kind of handy work around the house or at a workshop. The tool chest is simply a storage container used to store all your tools and accessories in one place, keeping them organized and easy to retrieve. No longer will you have to search the floorboards for loose screws and nuts! You can have one drawer dedicated to exactly that, and use the rest for your screwdrivers, drills, saws, etc.

Now, when choosing a tool chest you may find that you need to take into consideration something way more important than the size and the number of compartments. You need to consider if you need a wooden or metal top (which would explain why you are reading this article). No worries, I am going to break down everything for you so that you can make the right decision when buying.

Wooden Top Benefits

Wooden tops are very durable table tops that will protect your tools from all the elements. Say, for instance, your rooftop starts leaking and begins to drip every time it rains. Well, the wooden top will protect your tools against water as it will absorb all the moisture, and trust us when we say wood can absorb a lot of water. The only thing you need to consider is the different types of wood. Do you want maple, sycamore, or mahogany?

Metal Top Benefits

Wooden tops are great for absorbing nature, but if you want something that will not burn and to protect your tools from falling missiles or projectiles, then metal is the way to go. Not only will your tools be protected from fire, but your tool chest will also be sturdy enough to hold heavy objects.

Wooden Top Drawbacks

Wooden tops are good for protection against the elements, but it does poorly against nature. Beware of termites, they will devour your tabletop if it is constantly absorbing moisture and allowed to rot. Another drawback of wood is the fact that it may be susceptible to fire, depending on the type that you choose. We recommend you pick wood with flame-retardant to avoid this risk altogether.

Metal Top Drawbacks

Metal tops may seem like the best choice, but because most metal is unable to absorb liquid as wood does, these tops may rust over time. To be on the safe side, if you decide to get a metal top tool chest I would suggest that you go with with stainless steel to avoid that risk altogether. With metal top tool chests there is also the risk of denting if you are a person who does a lot of hammering and knocking, but if you take care of your table it should last you a lifetime.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, both types of tool chests have their pros and cons, but it is really up to you, and the type of work that you do, which will determine which type is right for you. I hope you found this article helpful, and that you feel more educated before making your next purchase. After you select and purchase your perfect tool chest, be sure to read my article on tool chest maintenance to get some advice on how to properly care for it.